The pharmaceutical environment is characterized by the need to make the information system uniform to the GMP
(Good Manufacturing Practices) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Standards. Fluentis ERP has gained this prestigious
certification from the United States and has a set of vertical solutions necessary to answer to the requirements of
a pharmaceutical company.

According to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries it is extremely important that the products and the production cycles
could fulfill the ministerial decrees underway, including the respect for the 21 CFR part 11. Quarantine management,
compliance of lots, organization of editions, Audit Trail management and configuration of access to the masks with data protection
are the most important requirements of an ERP software regarding the pharmaceutical industry. Otherwise the company isn’t able
to participate to a “Validation Plan” process.

Strong points of the Pharma & Chemical solution

  • Security and log of an item, starting from its raw material up to the market
  • Management of lots status (quarantine, in compliance, inspection, authorized, expired..), total traceability
  • Complete security during the printing of medicine labels with log of each label
  • Excipients calculation
  • Calculation of the mixture’s materials
  • Management of the title percentage in the BOM item
  • Management of recipes and BOM modifications
  • Management of the publication editions of patient information leaflets with the related log of past editions. Only one of these editions is valid in a specific period and it appears in the purchase orders and sales orders
  • Security and password management within the ERP system
  • Management of expenses refund of the pharmaceutical representatives through the use of a website, which communicates with the ERP database.

Case study