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Maintenance Management

Plan, schedule and monitor maintenance services

The Fluentis Maintenance Management module supports companies with multiple plants requiring various professional, technical maintenance services. This module complements parts of both the Projects module, which is integrated with the management of serial numbers, as well as with the assets in the Accounting module.


  • Plant management
  • Services/Materials Management
  • Location Management
  • Intervention Request Creation

What can you do with the Fluentis ERP Prototypes module?


The registry system lets you accurately identify the type of equipment requiring maintenance and the tool(s) required to carry it out. From the plant registry, you can identify the owner, the location, the area in which it is located, the resource typically assigned for maintenance and the costs of the service work. If the maintenance is performed on an internal plant asset, rather than production equipment, the procedure is able to commit the work center and suspend it for the duration of the maintenance.


The plant can indicate the set of maintenance services to be carried out to automate the issuance of requests for intervention to the planner. The list of materials includes the plant layout and service record, and the option to include the relative serial numbers for equipment.


If the location is not owned by the customer, it is possible to indicate chronologically all locations where the system has been located over time (for example, the renting of forklifts). Plants in buildings that have been bought, sold and/or rented to other entities typically have a historical maintenance record that can be utilized.


Maintenance Management can generate the list of requests for intervention at the head of each selected plant. This allows the operator to accelerate the issuance of the planned order in a single operation.

Maintenance Management: Better Service for Revenue-Generating Equipment

Scheduled maintenance can be managed for owned plants and company work centers, including the tools and/or assets available to the company that are required for their maintenance. Fluentis ERP can also manage systems not owned by the customer (typical management of boilers, lifts, generator sets, etc.).

This module makes it possible to define various types of maintenance contracts according to the agreements established with the customer, such as maintenance under warranty, maintenance of spare parts, maintenance that includes a predefined number of service visits, etc.


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