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Supply Chain

Power Up Your Purchasing

Most consumers today expect free, two-day shipping for every purchase. To keep up with this frantic turnaround time, companies have been forced to adopt the speed and intelligence of an Industry 4.0 supply chain.
Fluentis ERP’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) system optimizes the full stock purchasing cycle, from inventory needs and requisition through receiving and reconciliation. By capturing actionable intelligence for each stage and allowing customizable approval rules, SCM provides the framework for supply purchasing that is both agile and profitable.


  • Management of incoming lots
  • Price list management in supplier currency
  • Management of alternative n-units of measurement
  • Import purchase lists from catalogs with update discount categories
  • Creation of orders from purchase requests
  • Purchase order creation based on sales orders

What Can Fluentis SCM Do For You?

Broad Visibility
Centralized Control

  • Real-time inventory visibility ensures the correct quantities are stocked and ready for shipping
  • All vendor catalogs and pricing consolidated into a single system
  • Integration with Fluentis production planning (MPS) and other Fluentis ERP modules

Supply Chain

  • Manually or automatically make requisitions based on organizational needs
  • Manually or automatically makes purchases based on your organization’s preferred terms
  • Receiving: Fulfillment of orders from suppliers, creation of delivery notes or invoices with serial numbers, lots and variants


  • Customized approval chain eliminates unnecessary hurdles, accelerates order placement
  • Seamless creation of orders from POs, seamless PO creation based on sales orders

Vendor Relationships

  • Source best-matching products across catalogs to match your needs
  • Identify opportunities to leverage volume discounts with vendors/suppliers
  • Store specific ordering information required by each supplier (types of payment, discounts, expenses, etc.) for rapid re-ordering

for Growth

  • Access the supply chain data and reports your organization needs to forecast for future success
  • Scale your procurement processes as your organization grows


  • Automate payments and invoice reconciliation to close books faster
  • All currencies supported

Can You Afford to Wait?

Gone are the days of managing vendors and purchasing with a spreadsheet. Organizations must invest in smart purchasing tools to stay competitive, and to free up their people for focusing on the person-to-person business relationships that can’t be automated. Unlock your supply chain potential with Fluentis SCM…then get ready to watch your business grow.




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