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ERP solution
for Food & Beverage

Would like to learn more about Fluentis ERP solutions?

    The management solution for Food & Beverage companies: it monitors KPIs on time

    Fluentis ERP – Food Sector accompanies the companies in the Food & Beverage sector in the delicate process of innovation and improvement of performance. Having a tool capable of effectively and safely controlling the various steps of the production cycle in full compliance with the strict safety rules in the agri-food sector is the first requirement with which a company in the sector must deal.
    Fluentis ERP allows you to generate faster product development cycles, ensuring efficient logistics management and advanced product traceability.

    • Production, scheduling, planning and sales processes
    • Backflushing
    • Lots traceability
    • Food Law CE 178/2002
    • EAN 128 Barcode Management
    • Key Performance Indicator
    • Warehouse and logistics
    • Commercial area and agents
    • Integrated CRM for order collection

    The Fluentis ERP software - Food Sector: Make to stock & Make to Order in compliance with the Food Law

    The food sector is characterized by the need to be able to trace the use of the various raw materials starting from their entry into the warehouse, up to the control and monitoring of the related transformation and sales processes to the end customer. It also needs to manage, through dedicated management software, a series of production, logistic, commercial, quality processes, management control and warehouse. The Fluentis – Food Sector management software covers numerous production needs of the Food sector and has the aim of being a complete and integrated solution useful for a 360 ° management of the main sector-specific problems. Fluentis ERP is an innovative management software capable of integrating advanced technology with the sector’s know-how, with the possibility of being easily configurable, thanks to flexibility and efficient parameterization of the software. This is why Fluentis ERP easily adapts to both small, medium and large companies and has the aim of ensuring a high level of production efficiency, guaranteeing high product safety standards.

    Would like to learn more about Fluentis ERP solutions?

      Strengths of the Fluentis ERP solution for the Food sector:

      • Bill of materials, recipes and percentage management
      • Technical data sheet (ingredients)
      • Management of processing phases and improvement of production planning
      • Production planning (Make to Stock, Make to Order)
      • Costs
      • Cost estimation of article
      • Production device integration
      • Weight variant management and double unit of measurement
      • Work cycle management by line, work center or machine
      • Production management by batch
      • MPS and MRP planning (also with finite capacity)
      • Advanced Planning
      • Integration of production and sales processes and forecasting of needs
      • Product perishability monitoring
      • Immediate management of weighing feedback directly within the system
      • Centers and work cycles

      • Accounting system that applies production costs only when the percentage of completion of production reaches 100%
      • Production order management and lohn system
      • MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
      • Analysis of availability and proposals for automatic production and supply orders
      • Production proposals by recipe, by line
        main or alternative
      • Production withdrawals via bar codes with analysis by expiry date and batch management
      • Interfacing with scales, label printers
      • Multidimensional statistics for the costs of
        direct and indirect production
      • Management of both internal and third party food production.

      OF LOTS
      • Electronic traceability of the product throughout the supply chain
      • Lot traceability

      FOOD LAW
      CE 178/2002

      Il software gestionale Fluentis – Settore Alimentare permette:

      • Compliance with “food law” and food and environmental safety
      • Management of security and passwords within the system

      BARCODE EAN 128
      • Electronic identity card of product
      • The bar code contains information on the lot, the article and the description in order to trace the origin and thus reconstruct the history of the product
      • Safety and logature of the production line of the article, from its raw materials to the placing on the market
      • Management in complete safety of product label prints with respective logos

      • Reduction of organizational, production and labor costs
      • Costs and inventories
      • Analysis and statistics of customers and products
      • Reports
      • Margins and profitability analysis
      • What if simulation
      • Greater sharing of information between users through access to the contact database

      • Weighing and labeling
      • Material flow monitoring
      • Stock reduction
      • Plan turn deliveries and management and optimization
        of transport costs
      • Pallet and container management
      • Gestione etichette SSCC e contenitori
      • Picking e packing list
      • Automatic generation of picking lists through automatic analysis of availability and expiration dates
      • Integrated warehouse movement management with radio frequency devices – RFID
      • Inventory management and logistics chain
      • Double “real” unit of measurement
      • Automated warehouse
      • Lots and deadlines, FIFO (First In First Out) and FEFO (First Expire First Out)
      • Product delivery monitoring and production order that downloads raw materials from the warehouse
      • Calculation of the product expiry and analysis of the product by expiry
      • Yield control
      • Specific functions for warehouse management with products that require portioning (meat), packaging (fish), labeling in accordance with the law and with products that require the management of the dual contemporary unit of measurement or with “time” lists

      • Synchronized management of commercial processes and the GDO distribution channel
      • Store management both directly and with FTP import/export of information of interest
      • Management of prizes, incentives, gifts
      • Commission Management
      • Cascade discounts, campaign management and promotions
      • Price list management by customer/product
      • Workflow, parametric controls on the flow of insertion and authorization of sales orders
      • Assortment with the possibility of selecting in the order only the catalog of items available to the customer
      • Integration of main EDI standards
      • SFA integration for attempted sale
      • Cost and consumption tables for raw materials

      • Acquisition of orders via web
      • Order collection via terminal for agents
      • CRM in cloud
      • After sales support
      • Management of agent expense reimbursements
      • E-Invoicing
      • Sending communications to customers, suppliers and prospect companies according to the main layouts typical of large-scale distribution companies


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