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Isolated Cloud – Fluentis ERP

Fluentis ERP in Isolated Cloud:
Customization within everyone’s reach

The Fluentis Isolated Cloud model is ideal for small companies who want the convenience of a public cloud setup but have heavy customization needs to accommodate. This configuration makes it possible to dedicate a “reserved” space of resources, both hardware and system software, without incurring the costs of a dedicated Virtual Machine.

Isolated Cloud guarantees, without excessive costs, an operation with a separation of processes compared to a public cloud setup. Organizations with Isolated Cloud can avoid the burden of managing their own dedicated Virtual Machine (Private Cloud), both in terms of time and financial commitment, while enjoying the same advantages in terms of process isolation.

Perfect for: Small companies, typically commercial, with a multi-company setting and strong customizations needs.




Isolated Cloud ERP

Fluentis Cloud adapts to every need

Fluentis Cloud’s public, isolated and private cloud versions are perfectly suited for the needs of small (even micro), medium and large organizations.
Fluentis ERP Public Cloud

An effective solution for micro enterprises looking for a cloud software typically designed for retail and service-centric companies. The public cloud version combines the power of an ERP with the freedom of modular, “plug-and-play” setup.

Fluentis ERP Isolated Cloud

Ideal for commercial companies with too many customization requirements to operate in the public cloud but the ability to sustain a completely dedicated environment. This solution supports a shared infrastructure and a dedicated Fluentis ERP installation simultaneously.

Private Cloud - Fluentis ERP

The classic installation with a completely dedicated infrastructure. With the Fluentis Private Cloud configuration, an organization will have one or more dedicated Virtual Machines for managing both security and operational flexibility autonomously.


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