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ERP Systems

Customized and verticalized solutions
for a successful business management

ERP systems today are an essential tool for every company, since they allow the control of its flows and provide useful data for strategic business decisions.
In this section we want to present the benefits offered by an ERP solution highlighting the strengths of Fluentis ERP management software.


ERP systems: Features and Functions

Generally speaking, a good ERP should always guarantee the management of the following macro areas:

  • Accounting and Finance: Accounting, administrative and financial management
  • Controlling module: Control of activities and budget achievement, through the definition of objectives
  • Active and Passive cycle: Complete management of the billing process for customers including the management of orders / offers, electronic invoices and the company-supplier relationship
  • Logistics and Warehouse: Management of warehouse movements, deposits and inventories
  • Production: Management of the production process from MRP (material requirements planning), programming and scheduling of the entire production cycle

Benefits of having an ERP

  • Greater efficiency and speed = Time optimization and Cost reduction:
    An ERP software allows you to automate processes, drastically reducing the time spent in operations that were once carried out “manually” or with the help of excel files. In this way, human error is reduced to a minimum and the possibility of being able to keep any document in digital format increases security levels.
  • Real-time data analysis = efficient business strategy:
    A key feature of the new generation ERP systems is the ability to analyze data in real time and to obtain precise and detailed dashboards and reports.
    Accessing metrics and KPIs is essential to set a business strategy focusing on reliable data.
  • Complete integration of all business processes = better productivity and profitability:
    New generation ERPs integrate all the relevant business processes of a company, through functions with latest technologies and allow you to communicate in real time with your production or commercial chain. In this way the company becomes an open system, highly integrated with the outside world.
  • Greater efficiency and speed =
  • Real-time data analysis =
  • Complete integration of all
    business processes =
  • Innovative solution, high technology,
    completely integrated
  • You can choose between Cloud and On Premises
  • Soluzione scalabile a copertura di tutte le aree funzionali
  • Easy User Interface
  • Continuous innovation
  • Industry 4.0 integration of machines
  • Multi language and Multi taxation

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  • Controlling module
  • Logistics and WMS
  • Quality Management System
  • CRM
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Analytics
  • Project Management
  • Document Management System
  • HR

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Fluentis, the new generation ERP system

Fluentis ERP is a new generation ERP system, made using the Microsoft platform in the SOA environment (Service Oriented Architecture) and characterized by different application areas, in order to satisfy different functional requirements, even in multi-company contexts.

Fluentis ERP solutions are MODULAR and SCALABLE, so they can be adapted to small companies (even micro companies), as well as to medium and large organizations and can be used On Premises or in Cloud.

Fluentis ERP covers all application areas, from basic functionalities to the most complex production needs.
A unified platform to manage the entire business, from Accounting to Financials, Purchasing Sales, CRM, Operations, Inventory, Production planning & Resource management.

Fluentis is a new generation ERP highly technologic : in addition to doing what all ERP softwares do (integrating the essential functions for managing a company into a complete system), it uses the latest technologies – such as machine learning , predictive analysis and new communication technologies – to increase the performance and efficiency of resources in each business area.

New generation ERP systems, such as Fluentis ERP, are able not only to passively collect the information deriving from the various business sectors, but to process it and consequently suggest the most relevant actions and solutions.
For example, Fluentis ERP is able to propose what and when it is appropriate to buy, which suppliers to contact, which articles to launch in production and when.

In over 25 years of activity Fluentis has acquired experience in various industrial sectors using vertical ERP solutions.  Manufacturing, Furniture, Chemical – Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and Foundry sectors are some of the main vertical markets managed by Fluentis.

Strengths of Fluentis ERP

  • It is innovative, highly technological, fully integrated
    Fluentis ERP is the ERP software with high technological content, designed to increase the performance of each business area. A unique information system that allows you to share data in real time between different applications, completely eliminating integration costs. Fluentis is easy to use, flexible and offers you all the tools to transform the challenges of Digital Transformation into new business opportunities.
  • You can choose between Cloud and On Premises and the choice is reversible
    For over 25 years Fluentis has helped small and medium-sized enterprises, offering vertical and customized solutions, in Cloud and On Premises mode. Fluentis Cloud model is REVERSIBLE, which means that it’s possible to start a configuration in the Cloud and then decide to move it to an On Premises configuration (viceversa it’s possible starting an On Premises configuration, and then switching to Cloud)
  • Intuitive interface for a good user experience
    A pleasant interface means simplifying the operator’s approach, reducing training times and allowing the company to save important resources. Fluentis ERP system is characterized by the careful study of the application interface.
  • Continuous innovation
    Continuous innovation and Continuous Development are key concepts of our philosophy, and represent a guarantee for the future, in a constantly evolving landscape, allowing companies to always be aligned with Digital Transformation trends and to be able to seize the opportunities deriving from them.


Fluentis ERP integrates all the business processes of a company, automating them wherever possible and digitalizing them: the Finance Area, SalesPurchasing, and Warehouse
are starting points for all companies. To meet the needs of medium to large manufacturing companies, Fluentis has specialized in managing even the most complex needs related to Production (LogisticsPlanningProductionSubcontractingProject management and Quality Management System, to name just a few).

 Integrated applications are available, such as Business Intelligence, CRM, WMS, MES, MRP, Product Configurator, E-commerce integration and Document Management System.

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Regardless of the installation method whether it is On Premises or In Cloud, the configuration of Fluentis ERP continues with the chosen Bundle.

It is in fact possible to opt for one of the following 4 application configurations:


It is the most restrained version of Fluentis in terms of functionality. It has been designed to support the needs of micro and small businesses that have the need to manage processes related to CRM, Sales and Administration of the company.



Version for small and medium-sized businesses, typically service or warehouse oriented. It covers all the main application areas, from administration to the active and passive cycle, including logistics management.



Complete solution for production companies. In this version, the user has available specific processing operations for the Manufacturing environment such as MPS, MRP, CRP, MRPII and FCS (i.e. infinite and finite capacity scheduling). Logistics management and Project Management included.



Solution for medium-large structured companies that typically have international businesses. Unlike the Enterprise version, it also includes the Quality area, Plant maintenance, CRP management, and finite capacity scheduler. The prototype module (Engineering-To-Order) is also available.



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