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Management Control

Advanced control tools to choose the right direction at all times

The Management Control Area of Fluentis ERP is the integrated system for the detection of business events, both forecasting and final, which has the purpose of planning, calculating and evaluating sales prices with respect to the relative product / project costs, as well as the achievement of the corporate objectives by the various internal functions.


  • Adaptability to any sector of economic activity
  • Unlimited management of analysis dimensions
  • Unlimited management of operating environments (budgets, final, preliminary, simulations, ...)
  • Free and fully parameterizable definition of the reclassification schemes (reporting period and comparison)
  • Integration with physical data collected from production and projects

What can you do with the Controlling Area of ​​Fluentis ERP?


It adjusts the accounting movements by account balance/cdc/job order and allows registration adjustments for the balance sheet.


Management of internal and external human resources, material resources and structures to be used in the project.


This aspect of Management Control allows manual or automatic imputation of project requests from project planning.


It allows the determination of the first cost of a product and of the total cost then used by other management procedures such as the budget, industrial accounting and the warehouse for carrying out the specific processing envisaged.


It is of considerable importance for production companies with the ‘Make to stock’ type, which base their production plan on the sales forecast. It contemplates the possibility of entering, for each item or for each family of items, the sales quantity expected for each month of the year being analyzed. The calculation of sales forecasts is based on the history of the previous period and analyzes all the documents of the active cycle that meet the selection parameters. It is fully integrated with the production area as it allows the automatic creation of production orders based on the forecast drafted.


A very important aspect for production companies with the ‘Make to stock’ typology who need to prepare periodic procurement plans with suppliers. The module contemplates the possibility of entering, for each item or family of items, the expected purchase quantity for each month of the year analyzed. The calculation of the forecasts is based either on the purchase of the previous period, therefore analyzing all the purchase invoices, or on the actual consumed taking into consideration all the production documents. It is fully integrated with all the passive cycle procedures and allows the automatic generation of purchase requests based on the forecast drawn up.


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