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Treasury Management Area

The solution that simplifies, optimizes, predicts and controls: money management is a serious matter

The Treasury Management Area of Fluentis ERP presents a series of modules and procedures that allow the company to analyze the trend of the expected financial flows, evaluate risks, and manage their communication with credit institutions both incoming and outgoing.


  • Outgoing connection (riba, sepa, sdd) and incoming connection (unpaid, account movements) with home banking via standard CBI files
  • Forecast cash flow simulations from the documents of the assets/liabilities flows
  • Customer risk management and collection statistics
  • Possibility of connection with third-party treasury software

What can you do with Fluentis ERP Treasury Management Area?


  • Definition of payment slips
  • Blocking payment of unauthorized consignments
  • Sending telematic files via internet traces
  • Provisions report
  • Automatic report or email of payment communications


  • Automatic acquisition of maturities for credit securities, with the automatic grouping and reversal of credit notes of the period
  • Management of lists of effects and lists of credit titles at the supplier, with the closing of the client and supplier registry
  • Account movements
  • Manage document collection track list
  • Automatically import effects not collected in the documentary collection
  • Automatic reopening of customer commitments or customer / supplier commitments in the case of credit notes issued to the supplier
  • Definition of N types of payment requests, each consisting of ‘n’ free phases, with the definition of texts in the language
  • Calculation of interest on late payment


It allows the management of the analysis of the accounting and forecasting financial flows obtained from the different documents of purchases and sales, in particular based on the date provided for the delivery of the goods. The analysis allows the subdivision of forecasts after the expected date of collection based on historical average deviations.


It allows the reconciliation of bank movements with the automatic assignment of the value date, the import of current account movements from the standard Abi electronic file and the connection with the related general accounting movements.


It is dedicated to the management and control of a credit situation towards customers, it takes into account the active cycle opened towards it, both as a simple signaling that the document process has been overcome or blocked.

An indispensable work tool for treasurers, entrepreneurs, business management consultants

The Fluentis Treasury Management Area is dedicated to the management and verification of outgoing and incoming financial flows, both from the point of view of relations with credit institutions and from the point of view of forecast analyzes and customer risk. Outgoing payment slips are prepared, in the Sepa and Sepa foreign routes, as well as the cash receipts Riba and SDD; incoming you read the unpaid bank file and the bank statement for automatic or manual reconciliation.

In the simulations of the financial flows it is possible to intercept all the management areas, from the active document flow to the liability up to production data, allowing to project the financial analysis beyond the simple accounting data, also channeling them by credit institution and correcting the dates on the statistical forecast of actual collection and payment times recorded in the accounts.

Customer risk allows you to verify both the statistically and operationally the authorization of the active documents of the individual customer or the business group to which they belong, intervening in the document flow of sales through alerts and authorization blocks. There is also the possibility, for those who want more thorough financial management, to connect the main software of the sector, such as DocFinance and Piteco, through already configured flows.

Some features that the Treasury Area provides:

  • Plan accounts at infinite levels
  • Multi-company and multi-divisional intercompany
  • Automatic evaluation of invoices to be received
  • Automated management of account closure and reopening and presence of guided procedures for opening accounts and importing balances, assets and items opened by other systems
  • Management of open items with accounting/non-accounting schedules
  • Customer advance management
  • Automatic management and accounting of separate invoices
  • Ordinary VAT regimes, 74Ter, agricultural, ventilation of fees, deferred VAT
  • Automated management of both solar and mobile plafond
  • Registers for declarations of intent both issued and received
  • Processing of periodic tax obligations (esterometer, communication of quarterly VAT settlements and electronic certification of withholding tax)
  • Automated processing of Intrastat models
  • Automatic valorisation of cost centers, profit centers and orders




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