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Why become a Fluentis Partner?

Becoming a Fluentis partner means being part of a channel of qualified dealers, operating locally and Europe, who have carried out the certification path envisaged by Fluentis within the program "Fluentis Welcome Partner Program". The program foresees the participation of both the technical and commercial staff of the Partner in online and on-site courses according to the type of desired certifications. The program also provides for the drafting of an initial and then annual business plan aimed at defining the objectives and consequently the mutual resources for their achievement.

Being a Fluentis Partner means being part of Fluentis

The Fluentis Partner not only knows the application in its technical / functional characteristics but also contributes to its evolution by participating in periodic round tables , organized by Fluentis, for analysis and development by putting so as a common factor, together with the other Partners, their knowledge gained over time. This is an advantage for everyone: for the Partner who can thus operate and draw on a broader range of skills , for the product itself which can grow thanks to the contribution of multiple actors operating in different markets , and not least for end customers who can avail themselves and feel guaranteed by a channel of resellers cohesive with Fluentis .

Today we can only sense the challenges of globalization in the ICT sector, but in the near future we will be truly forced to face them. They require action in an increasingly wider team context, which is also extended beyond national borders. A team that must be able to compete with particularly sized organizations, a team that must be able to give those due guarantees to the end customer of solidity, competence and reliability.

Being part of a team therefore becomes a "must": choose the winning team and become a Fluentis Partner! 
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Our Partnership proposals are suitable for structures that have a technical team able to customize solutions to the specific needs of SMEs and a commercial team for sponsorship in the area.
Here are the advantages of being a Fluentis Partner:

Marketing Support

Institutional corporate marketing services (web, radio, social visibility), territorial marketing (sector events in co-participation with partners) and co-marketing activities (lead generation services designed ad hoc together with the partner).

Commercial Support

The commercial structure supports the Partner in the pre and post sales commercial activities, also supporting him during the presentation of the products.

Technical Support and Assistance

Portal dedicated to partners for the management of requests, telematic and telephone assistance, Knowledge Base with resolutions to the most common problems and Download Area to draw on new releases.


Through the ARM (Application Resourse Manager), the Partner has complete autonomy in customizing the applications. In fact, it is possible to expand the "Graphic User Interface", modifying forms and web pages, changing the algorithms characterizing the "Business Logic" layer up to extending the structure of the database; all using the standard C # programming language and without the need for source code.

Technology and R&D

The Partner has available solutions designed in SOA technology, which allows you to quickly create vertical products to meet the needs of the customer base, without compromising the installation of new releases. In addition, a wide range of solutions allows Partners to be the only IT suppliers of their customers. We continuously invest in the most modern technologies to make our products totally "Partner Oriented".


E-learning services with on site and off site courses, both technical and commercial. Video tutorials divided by areas and topics, in order to quickly learn and understand the use of each single area of ​​our applications.


Following a training, the Partner is subjected to an examination that certifies his skills. Once the certification has been obtained, the Partner will be able to exhibit it to the entire Network and thus obtain access to the Fluentis Specialist Area.


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