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Integrated PDM Software:
Product Configurator

Product Data Management

Configure items and determine sales price with Visual Taylor, Fluentis PDM Software

Companies are driven to increase the variability and customisation of their products due to the ever-changing market. For this reason, PDM softwares (Product Data Management), also called Product Configurators, have been introduced.

Visual Taylor is the PDM software natively integrated in Fluentis ERP. The Technical and Commercial Product Configurator enables the commercial organization of articles and their pricing. This tool simplifies product configuration in sales processes, as well as the creation and organization of configuration rules.

In addition, PDM softwares accelerate the sales process and reduce time for order acquisition.

  • Creation of fully customized configurators
  • Native Multilingual Management
  • Web access via CRM module
  • 3D Rendering

The PDM Software integrated in Fluentis is usable in both Winform and Webform modes. As a result, the tool can be consulted and updated by multiple production and company poles and also works in a web environment via the CRM module.

The Fluentis PDM Software allows the use of pre-packaged packages and enables the creation of totally customized configurators with the customer. Thanks to natively multilingual management, it is perfectly integrated with the international market. After appropriate parameterization rules, the sales organization can configure articles and determine their sales price.

From a technical point of view, Visual Taylor configures articles and automatically generates their master data, bill of materials and processing cycles. A special 3D graphics module is available for rendering the configured object, also via the web.

Fluentis PDM Software is particularly suitable for business organisations whose production process involves articles subject to high variability. An example of this is contract manufacturing, where the finished product may take on different processing than a basic product.

  • Offer Management – Price Creation: the configurator can combine the variables entered in the system and calculate the sales price of the product. This function connects the salesperson directly with the production division.
  • Order management – Bill of materials (BOM): a parametric, n-level BOM of the configured product can be created. The various components, subassemblies, semi-finished products and raw materials required to manufacture a product will be drawn up according to the selected product. This bill of materials can also be forwarded to the production departments, thus creating a vertical communication system.



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