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Sales Management
(SD) Sales & Distribution

Sales and Sales Force Management are no longer a problem

The Sales Management Area is an integral part of the Fluentis ERP software: it is structured in various application modules aimed at managing the more strictly commercial part. The document flow is designed to receive offers for customers or new contacts upstream of the process from the CRM. The Sales Management area is also connected with the Planning and Production flows, contributing precisely to the definition of the DEMAND PLANNING typical of “Make To Order”, “Engineering to Order” or “Assembly To Order” companies. The Sales area is then connected with the Accounting part, for carrying out the administrative management of the sales documents and finally with the Management Control for the analysis of the margin relating to each sales process carried out.


  • Management of program orders or open orders
  • ATP Algorithms (Available to Promise)
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Commission calculation
  • Price management for GDO
  • Quantity entry matrix for "Size/Color" with the use of Extra-data
  • Integration with PEPPOL / NSO
  • Integration with Extra Data (Configurator)

What can you do with the Sales Management area of ​​Fluentis ERP?


It allows you to easily insert and maintain sales prices. It allows you to import price lists in electronic format directly into the management system. It allows you to manage discounts, discounts and tiered prices, prices by quantity and price ranges for items with variants. By creating formulas for updating the sales price lists starting from a purchase or sales price list or from a warehouse cost, it is possible to update the formula price lists massively. It allows you to create price lists from purchase documents: orders, delivery notes, invoices, price lists and article master data.


It allows you to insert offers made out to contacts who are not yet customers by drawing prices from the price lists, associating agents, payment methods, discounts and expenses. The versioning of the offers is managed. Conversion of the offer into a customer order is possible.


Manages the insertion of the customer order by automatically reporting all the data given to the customer in the master data: payment types, discounts, agents, expenses. It is possible to book lots and serial numbers. Communication with the National Health Service Order Node (NSO) can be configured for the reception of orders and the transmission of pre-agreed and response orders. Total fulfillment in notices and invoices and the creation of supplier orders directly connected to the customer order is managed.


It was created to meet the typical needs of commercial companies that work with national catalogs and discount categories. It is possible to update the sale discount categories automatically from the supplier discount categories.


It allows the creation of the transport document with the direct fulfillment of the order or from picking lists that could be connected with the customer order. The notices are directly connected with the logistics for the movement of the goods. It is possible to indicate lots and serial numbers to be shipped.


Invoices can be made by entering all the data manually or by fulfilling orders from customers in whole or in part or by enhancing the transport documents. The module allows the billing and management of customer advances, in particular the management of the down payment history, with the visualization of open residuals and the reversal on the invoice and the management of the closure of jobs on order with the reversal of the down payments recorded. It is also possible to check prices and payment methods and automatically account for the invoice, thus facilitating accounting operations.


Each agent can be assigned different types of Commission with a priority of application of the same. It is possible to manage commissions by customer, by area, by price list, by item, by customer commission category or by configuring customized data that contribute to the determination of commission percentages. Each agent can have the liquidation of the commissions considering: the ordered, the delivered, the turnover, the accrued accounting or cashed in whole or in part. Allows the operator to manage, control and process the calculation of agent commissions. The application allows: the generation (automatic or manual) of the payments; the creation of the professional’s remuneration; the printing of coupons, accrued commissions and liquidations.


Represents the possibility of managing the sale of products over the counter with the issue of the receipt. The module offers the possibility to trace the item by barcode in order to allow a rapid issue of the receipt. The procedure interfaces with the main issuing instruments, including electronic.


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