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Fluentis is an organization that aims to consolidate and strengthen its position in a national and international scenario characterized by:

  • Increasingly pressing customer needs;
  • Evolution of the quality standards of products and of information technologies aimed at maximizing the achievement of explicit and implicit requirements.

This means pursuing with determination the full achievement of customer satisfaction and of the other interested parties, which are employees, suppliers, partners and the community.
The needs and expectations of customers must be correctly understood and transmitted within the Company so that they are received and internalized at all levels through the use of technological and innovative means. Activities performance becomes more efficient and effective over time. With these assumptions, the meaning that Fluentis gives to Quality is the following:

  • Tool for creating corporate and personal assets;
  • Tool to increase profitability;
  • Distinguishing element;
  • Management tool;
  • Tool to take the Company to the the level of excellence by increasing and diversifying the business.

Everyone, having as objective the requirements and expectations of the Customer / Market and the applicable mandatory ones, must concentrate to optimize, over time, the overall performance:

  • Reasoning on facts and unequivocal data;
  • Always using plants, equipment and human resources necessary to produce what is required in compliance with current environmental, safety and prevention standards;
  • Developing activities according to the logical scheme which consists in planning, implementing, verifying, acting for improvement and consolidating;
  • Following the basic principles of quality and ethics towards customers, collaborators, employees, suppliers and other interested parties;
  • Controlling, managing and improving company processes, continuously measuring performance by comparing it to set objectives and possibly correcting deviations.

The continuous improvement passes through the annual review of Quality Management System, consistent with this Policy, and the Annual Plan of the objectives. All the staff, adequately trained, must be considered involved and responsibly involved in meeting the requirements of customers and other interested parties. The Quality Manager and all the sector managers are committed to promote and illustrate this Quality Policy at all levels of the organization with the utmost transparency. The methods of promoting the quality policy within the organization take place either by posting and / or by direct communication to all employees. They must understand the quality policy, how it affects them and their role within the quality management system and promptly report to QA any application difficulties related to changed internal and / or external needs or conditions. Consistent with what has been written, Quality cannot be separated from any of the above commitments and the failure to satisfy even one of them is to be considered as a partial failure of the Organization.