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Integrated e-commerce

Increase your business with an ERP with integrated ecommerce

Fluentis integrates an e-commerce platform with its ERP system, in order to enable the management of online purchases directly from the ERP.

The platform is NopCommerce, an innovative solution that allows all the data from the management system to be integrated by code with the data from the e-commerce site. Furthermore, it allows orders to be entered directly from the site and orders received by the company to be checked directly in the Fluentis management system.

The order entered on the site by the user is directly transferred into Fluentis ERP, enabling direct purchase. This purchase is integrated with the typical data required for an e-commerce and all data in the ERP itself. As a result, the operator has constant control over the availability, stock of articles, prices, and all related information. The data is constantly updated and it is the task of the company webmaster to manage the total integration.

In this way, different companies have a single management and real-time control of orders.

In fact, once the order has been confirmed, it will be sent to the Fluentis ERP. The ERP will proceed to encode it with the typical order rules, making it homogeneous with those previously entered.

The user will be able to manage all customer orders in one platform.

ecommerce integrato al gestionale

  • More information and better communication with the customer
  • Increased sales through the acquisition of new customers
  • Reduction of communication, promotion and marketing time and costs
  • Automation of service and simplification of business processes
  • Enhancement of the corporate brand or introduction of a new brand
  • Improved customer service management and the possibility of immediate feedback

The Webmaster is responsible for checking the Fluentis ERP Incoming Documents window to correct any import errors.

Errors are highlighted in red and also indicate the procedures for finding the error and correcting it. However, if the data entered is correct, the import results screen will only show lines colored green

ecommerce integrato

By expanding an import line, the details of the operation are displayed:

ecommerce Fluentis ERP

These orders are added to the other orders created manually in Fluentis.


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