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Identify your contacts, manage them and capture your business opportunities with an integrated CRM tool

The CRM of Fluentis or Customer Relationship Management was born with the aim of offering the company the opportunity to identify, focus and create new business opportunities starting from the structuring of marketing and presale activities. When we talk about CRM we usually refer to a tool used for contact management, sales management, productivity and more. The goal of a CRM system is simple: improve business relationships and generate new business moments.


  • Advanced management of contacts
  • Mailing list creation
  • Advanced sales creation
  • Creation of reliable visit reports
  • Maximization of marketing ROI
  • Offer management with related pipeline and transformations into customer orders, sales lists and orders

What can you do with Fluentis integrated CRM?


It allows the management of contacts and their development in the marketing and commercial pipeline.


Possibility of integration of personal calendar with Outlook. Calendar sharing through the IICAL protocol (Exchange and other mail servers).


It allows the creation of marketing lists, imported from files, newsletters and visit reports. However, it allows you to plan and control awareness campaigns, lead management and related monitoring and analysis of results.


It allows the management of the offer with its pipeline and its transformation into customer order, sales lists, orders. In addition, it allows to identify the resource that developed an offer, the type of product offered, the date of shipment of the offer, the business line of reference, the calculation of a probable conclusion of the negotiation with a consequent percentage of possible creation of the offer document.


It allows the management of call tickets per customer and assignment via workflow to the operator concerned.

Why is it important for CRM to be integrated into the ERP system?

CRM allows a company to monitor and save every useful detail during the relationship with its customers, suppliers, partners, colleagues. Better monitoring the data in one’s possession is also fundamental for the acquisition and loyalty of customers. It is erroneously believed that the use of a CRM can only concern the marketing and sales areas: in reality we increasingly rediscover its importance even in regards areas such as: customer care, human resources, supply chain and Partner management.

Finally, CRM becomes an even more important and strategic tool if integrated into a host management environment, in which it completes the flow of information in a homogeneous and structured way. This gives the company advantages linked above all to the possibility of interfacing with a user friendly solution, with shorter data entry times, always connected to sales and accounting data with the consequent final improvement of communication between application areas.




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