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Project Management

Powerful solutions for the most demanding projects

The Fluentis Project Management module helps you manage a broad range of complex, time-sensitive projects and tasks. It provides the tools needed for continuous resource planning and control, with comprehensive visibility of costs, quality and time constraints. The dynamic Project Management module can accommodate project requirements unique to a variety of different business sectors, as well as a variety of project types, including service projects (typical in WBS mode), production projects, repetitive projects and/or contracts and SAL contracts.


  • Open and Flexible Project Structure
  • Integrated Project and Gantt Planning Time Sheet
  • Active and/or Passive Billing Plans
  • Advanced Analysis of Project Progress and Budget Tracking

What can you do with the Project Management module?


Manage orders or projects with tree mode in WBS (Work Break Down Structure) style.


Manage internal and external human resources, material resources and structures associated with a project.


Manually or automatically import project requests from project planning.


Manually generate planned interventions.


Add planned interventions in service operators’ calendars.


Manage work progress across all projects.


Correlate the interventions with the project and prepare the activities to be reported and invoiced.


Gain extra insight into the activities of internal project workers.

Project Management Software: Who It Is For, and Why It Is Useful

The Fluentis Project Management module is particularly rich in functionality. It can cover a broad range of project requirements to manage more project types:

  • Service Projects (typical in WBS mode). Using the “Work Break Down Structure” technique, the Project Management module creates a template, which is easy to adapt with precisely defined “Work Packages.” It also establishes the required resources for the project, both human and material. With a capacity calendar for each resource and the “Planner” application, Project Managers can quickly identify the actual workload of each resource. They can also access reports on the progress of the project in technical terms and the economic and financial reporting from the integrated Accounting module.
  • Production Projects. The Project Management system can link any logistic-production document to a project upon its commencement. The project can therefore be linked with management control in order to absorb the related costs, including indirect ones, and to generate an accurate project report.
  • Repetitive Projects and/or Contracts. By configurating repetitive projects within the ERP system, Fluentis can initiate repetitive invoicing with periodic billing (weekly, monthly or yearly). This is essential for service companies that operate in ordinary or extraordinary maintenance contract mode.
  • SAL Contracts. Through the SAL billing procedure, it is possible to manage a progress billing through project management. Project managers can create a project, manage it in an extra-accounting way from an organizational point of view, and then establish, as contractually defined, a preventive billing at work progress. This will result in a definitive SAL.

The Fluentis Project Management module includes a series of mobile apps that provide convenient system access on the go. Operators who must interact in real time with the project by documenting activities or by simply collecting expense reimbursements will appreciate this capability. The apps can manage scheduled maintenance for owned plants and company work centers, including the tools and/or assets required for specific equipment. Fluentis ERP can also manage systems not owned by the customer (typically management of boilers, lifts, generator sets, etc.).




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