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Project management

To manage the most difficult and ambitious Projects you need the right software

With the Project Management Area of ​​the Fluentis software you can manage complex, unique and duration-limited projects and activities, through a continuous process of planning and control of resources, with constraints such as Costs, Times and Quality. The Project Management area of ​​Fluentis ERP is particularly rich in functionality in order to cover various "Requirements" in different business sectors.

Various types of Projects can be managed: Service Projects, typical in WBS mode, Production Projects, Repetitive Projects and/or Contracts and SAL Contracts.


  • Free and flexible definition of the project structure
  • Integrated Project and Gantt Planning Time Sheet
  • Definition of active and/or passive billing plans
  • Advanced analyzes on the progress of the projects and on the budget/final differences
  • Possibility to take stock of the project, or parts of it, also from the general accounting

What can you do with the Fluentis Project Management?


Management of orders or projects with tree mode in WBS (Work Break Down Structure) style.


Management of internal and external human resources, material resources and structures to be used in the project.


Manual or automatic imputation of project requests from project planning.


Manual generation of planned interventions.


Planner to visually generate planned interventions in the service operators' agendas.


It allows the management of the work progress of the projects.


Corelation of the interventions with the project and preparation of the activities to be reported and invoiced.


Enhancement of activities deriving from ticket of employees who do not carry out external interventions.

Project Management Software: who it is for and why it is useful

The Project Management area of ​​Fluentis is particularly rich in functionality. The Project Management represents an Area capable of assuming a multiple value within the company organization in order to cover various "Requirements". Various types of projects can therefore be managed:

  • Service projects, typical in WBS mode . Through the structuring technique of a project, defined precisely as "Work Break Down Structure", it is possible to start from a "template" scheme, from which it is possible to deduce the main structure of the project and then proceed with the modification of the same by integrating and/or deleting and adding all the phases precisely defined as "Work Packages". Within this type of project it is possible to establish the resources to be allocated, both human and material. Through the capacity calendar, relating to each resource, and thanks to the application defined precisely "Planner", the Project Manager can quickly know the actual workload of each resource. Typical of this type of projects are the reporting needs relating not only to the organizational question, or the progress of the project in technical terms, but also the economic and financial reporting linked to the accounting part.
  • Production Projects . Through the realization of a project of a productive nature it will then be possible to link any logistic-production document to the project in question. It will therefore be possible to link this project with management control in order to absorb the related costs, including indirect ones, in order to make an appropriate project report.
  • Progetti e/o Contratti ripetitivi. Attraverso la configurazione di tali tipi di progetto è possibile effettuare una fatturazione ripetitiva grazie al modulo opportuno, che permette di agganciare la fase di fatturazione periodica (che può essere settimanale, mensile, annuale). Tipica esigenza di tutte quelle aziende di servizio che operano in modalità di contratto di manutenzione ordinaria o straordinaria.
  • SAL contracts . Through the SAL billing procedure, it is possible to manage a progress billing through project management. Basically, it is possible to create a project, manage it in an extra-accounting way from an organizational point of view, and then establish, as contractually defined, a preventive billing at work progress, and then end up in a definitive SAL.

The Project Management within Fluentis ERP also enjoys a series of Mobile APPs that allow easy interaction on the move, by operators who must continuously interact in real time with the project organization, documenting the activities carried out or simply collecting expense reimbursements and necessary project documentation.



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