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WMS Logistics

Warehouse Management System

Modify and implement business processes with WMS

The WMS Logistics module integrated in Fluentis manages the warehouse, from the receipt and storage of incoming goods to the dispatch to customers.
With the Fluentis WMS, the operator can manage all company flows through radio frequency devices (handhelds, tablets, etc.).

The module interacts with the basic algorithms of the procedures, modifies and implements different versions of each process, allowing information to be shared and tasks to be passed from one employee to another. The flexibility of Fluentis ERP technology allows a power user to design specific processes according to customised events. Consequently, the ERP environment will be proactive.

The algorithms used by the Fluentis WMS are the same as those used by Fluentis ERP. Therefore, the platform becomes unified and has many advantages with version upgrades.

Main features of Fluentis WMS

The product covers all functional requirements of a company and supports users in managing the entire production or distribution flow.
In fact, Fluentis WMS manages the input of materials from both purchasing and subcontracting areas.
It also manages internal logistics and the circulation of articles, it performs production declarations, which are the fundamental part of the integrated MES. Finally, it manages all shipping flows, including the management of packaging (UDC) and shipments.

Benefits of Fluentis WMS

WMS App Fluentis

Centralized platform

Fluentis WMS uses the algorithms found in Fluentis. Fluentis WMS can be used from the Fluentis application or from radio frequency devices (handhelds, tablets, WMS devices, etc.). The application for radio frequency devices is cross-platform, which means that it can be used in the Android and IoS environment. The application updates automatically when you log in. As a result, setup times for the various peripheral devices are reduced to zero during version updates.


Native prints

Fluentis WMS makes it possible to preview printing and physically print to a remote printer directly from the device. System Administrator has a parameter mask, where roles, users and printers can be defined.


WMS Ricevimento Merci

Goods Receipt

Through Fluentis WMS goods receipts are possible from both purchasing and subcontracting areas. At the same time the document is created in the management system and the corresponding warehouse load enhanced. On receipt it is possible to mark the batch/SN of the article and print the label to be physically placed on the article. Optimization algorithms suggest the location on which to place the received goods.


WMS Logistica interna

Internal logistics

Fluentis WMS performs all internal logistics operations, such as location moves or adjustments. In addition, it allows the operator to check the stock of an article and, if necessary, quickly perform a rotating inventory of the offending rack or the entire warehouse.



Picking for production, transfer between warehouses or for the purpose of shipping goods are managed directly by Fluentis WMS. The system proposes the items to be picked according to the best route defined on the warehouse locations.



Fluentis WMS makes production declarations with the corresponding times as well as the definition of good and possibly rejected products. In this case, it defines the reason for rejects. All information flows into the production reports, the part of the integrated Fluentis WMS.

WMS Gestione UDC UDS

UDC/UDS Management

Fluentis WMS manages loading and shipping units. Each unit has its own information and can be single or multi-reference, single lot or multi lot, single SN or multi SN. Their handling can be controlled through workflows, which indicate their status. With unique barcodes for each UDC/UDS, reading times for the various movements, for storage or for sale are reduced. Moreover, there is multi-level management, where one UDC/UDS can be part of another UDC/UDS. The strict management of UDSs allows better integration with major forwarders and other platforms such as Amazon.


Packing list

With UDC/UDS it is possible to generate the shipment and packing list at the same time and print it directly from the device used.


Sales can be handled in various ways depending on the customer. Examples are distribution companies, retail companies and production companies. The first directly process a customer order. The second create the sales document directly without the need for a customer order. In the third, sales start from the customer order, then create a picking and finally are processed with or without UDC/UDS.

Why have a WMS Logistics module integrated with the ERP?

The benefits of an integrated WMS / ERP solution are many.
The native WMS promotes enterprise-wide traceability as well as real-time speed and responsiveness. Using scanners and barcodes, it is possible to switch to a digital WMS environment, which eliminates data rewriting and the inevitable human error.

The benefits of a complete warehouse management system include:

  • Reduced lead times
  • Improved inventory accuracy
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased space utilization
  • Increased warehouse productivity
  • Reduced labour costs


Space optimisation

The storage algorithms and knowledge of the status of each location allow materials to be placed anywhere in the warehouse, optimizing space utilization.

Route optimisation

You can increase operator productivity and optimise equipment with immediate control of all operations. Specifically, the operator can set up picking supplies, single or groupage picks, and propose optimal picking routes.
With Fluentis Mobile, the most complex operations will be handled with tools that simplify the work of employees. Consequently, their efficiency will increase.

Cross Docking

Fluentis Mobile makes the management of cross docking, picking lists and information flows native. Consequently, with picking lists, routes are optimized and internal handling operations are speeded up. In addition, information flows lead to a substantial decrease in material throughput time.

Internal and external tracking

Fluentis Mobile automatically manages the traceability of materials by batches and the problem of quarantine management by fifo/expiry date. In this way, the company’s management has a higher quality.
Fluentis Mobile gives the company complete traceability of the product, from the moment it enters the company to the moment it leaves. In this way, the company can trace all product movements.

Real-time stock

Fluentis Mobile allows the stock status to be constantly updated with every single movement. In addition, the time and costs of traditional inventories are eliminated. In fact, the operator can correct the stock at any time when he detects it to be incorrect, and at the same time automatically generates stock loads or unloads. Precise and punctual stock management allows the company to substantially reduce its average stock. The consequences are increased efficiency and profitability.

Lots and Serial Numbers Management

Batch or serial number management allows precise identification of the product composition. Fluentis Mobile baptises the manufactured article at the time of production. This means that the product can be traced within its production cycle, including the supplier batch of raw materials used in its manufacture.



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