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BPMN Software

Business Process Modeling and Notation

Manage production processes with BPM Software

Easily map processes with Fluentis BPMN software

The BPM software integrated in Fluentis ERP automatically manages production processes. It first defines the roles and tasks of each corporate resource and then assigns non-interactive tasks to control algorithms, which operate independently of the operator’s physical presence. The module highlights critical situations, which can be notified (e.g. by e-mail) and managed in real time.


  • Clarity in defining processes
  • Speed of implementation
  • Speed of process creation
  • Monitoring of process-related events
  • Mapping in the document cycle

BPMN (Business Process Modeling and Notation) represents a vanguard in the context of business process analysis and mapping. It is fundamental and strategic in defining the methodology by which a business process can be documented, mapped, activated, monitored and analyzed.

BPM software Fluentis

The BPMN was developed primarily to support ‘Process Automation’. Consequently, the more important IT is in a company, the more useful the use of BPMN within it becomes. BPMN techniques have been defined by a consortium (OMG, which uses universal standards to describe the way a business process is expressed, such as the UML language.

The BPM module integrated in Fluentis enables the creation, modification, mapping and management of business processes in any application area. This makes it possible to efficiently organize resources according to the occurrence of events that require action in a certain way. Furthermore, it uses a tracking and mapping, messaging, logging and notification system integrated with both the process and the management environment itself.

BPMN Software

Main features of Fluentis BPMN software

Quick configuration

Fluentis has a natively integrated BPMN and Workflow engine. In fact, it interacts with processes through tools that enable their rapid configuration, according to the operational flows and business models to be implemented. It guides users and company resources in all process management behaviors, thanks to predefined processes that can be easily activated fully or partially customized.

Free configuration

The objects in the Fluentis library conform to the logic of the State Machine and include a number of standard ‘widgets’, which are normally used in the context of process definition. They present a sequence of predefined states to meet the needs identified during the microanalysis of the companies’ operational processes. In fact, the configuration of the process is done in complete freedom and is customized according to the needs of the various corporate roles.

Functional ergonomics

The Fluentis technology suite allows complete customization of the interface, in total autonomy. In fact, the application ergonomics are more high-performance, cost-conscious and time-saving. one’s own interfaces can be created easily and quickly, thanks to the copy-and-paste functionality. Other activities that can be easily realized without the need to have access to the source code or refined technical know-how are hiding unused information or making it available in case of need, inserting new entities, filtering documents with customized entities, creating reports and filtering them in full compliance with security rules.



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