Software Gestionale Cloud

Fluentis ERP... Your Cloud Solution.

The Fluentis ERP innovative features make the software particularly adapted to the use in Cloud Environments.
Through Fluentis ERP your company can get the power of an application model, complete of all the related areas.
You can choose the most suitable version in respect of your business needs, not only by selecting the most suitable
“bundle” to your application needs, but also by configuring the Cloud typology that best fits your Company. There are
3 possible Cloud configuration levels:

Public Cloud, for small companies, that have to manage their company starting from accounting, up to purchase
area, including the warehouses management.

Isolated Cloud, for those companies that require an “isolated” operating model, able to guarantee a high level
of customization.

Private Cloud, for medium-large enterprises, that require a more complex environment, structured in one or
more completely dedicated virtual machines.

FluentisCloud is an application that focuses on topics as security, solution distribution and the possibility to work even
through a Multi-Tenancy approach, where customer shares both hardware and software resources, by separating its data set
exclusively. FluentisCloud is at the same time flexible and user-adjustable, a real opportunity for better
balancing costs and benefits.

FluentisCloud adapts to all your needs.

FluentisCloud, thanks to its Public, Isolated, Private versions, is able to adapt both to
small enterprises and medium-large enterprises’ needs perfectly.

Public Cloud

It represents the solution for small companies that look for a cloud management software, usually realized for “Retail” and/or “Service-Centric” enterprises.

The Public version combines the power of an ERP system with the possibility of having minimum necessary customizations for one’s corporate identity.


Isolated Cloud

It represents the ideal solution for commercial companies that however cannot work in Public Cloud since they have customized processes and for this reason, they cannot support an environment completely dedicated to them.

The ISOLATED CLOUD solution enables these companies to have a sharing of the infrastructure, but at the same time a dedicated installation of Fluentis ERP.


Private Cloud

The typical installation in which the company wants to have a completely dedicated infrastructure regarding system software resources.

In other words, one or more available Virtual Machine, useful for the autonomous management, both as regards security and operational flexibility.