The food environment is characterized particularly by the need to trace the product from the
arrival and use of raw materials into warehouse to their process of transformation and sales to the end customer.

Fluentis supports companies as regards the Food&Beverage industry during the critical process
of performances innovation and improvement. Have a tool able to check efficiently and in security
the different production steps in accordance with the strict rules in the field of agro-food security
is certainly the main requirement of a Company in this sector. Fluentis Food&Beverage enables
the user to generate faster development product cycles, efficient logistics management and an
advanced traceability and tracking of product.

Strong points of the Food & Beverage solution

Warehouse and Logistics

  • Weighing and Labelling
  • Material flow monitoring
  • Stock reduction
  • Empties management
  • Delivery route plan
  • Management and optimization of transport costs
  • Pallet and container management
  • SSCC labels and containers management
  • Automatic generation of picking list through automatic analysis of the availabilities and expiration dates
  • Integrated management of warehouse handling thanks to RFID devices
  • Double “real” unit of measure
  • Conversion factors management (different unit of measure between purchase and sales)
  • Automated warehouses
  • Lots and expiration dates (best before), FIFO (First In First Out) and FEFO (First Expire First Out)
  • Products delivery monitoring with very short life cycle
  • Production order that downloads the row materials from warehouse
  • Calculation of the product expiration date
  • Product analysis per expiration date
  • Specific functions for warehouse management with products that need manufacture with portioning (meat), with packaging (fish), with legal labels (expiration origin lot) and with products that need the management of the contemporary double unit of measure or with “time” price lists
  • Material barcode management both incoming or outbound, internal barcode or supplier barcode

Sales Area and Agents

  • Synchronized management of sales processes
  • Distribution channel and GDO agreements management
  • POS management both directly and with import/export by FTP of the interesting information
  • Bonus, subsidies, free gifts (depending on the sold value, sold prices and sold weight)
  • Agents commission management
  • Management of discounts and cascade discounts
  • Workflows (parametric controls on the insertion flow and sales order authorization)
  • Assortment (possibility to select only the items catalogue available for the customer in the order)
  • Integration of the most important EDI Standards
  • SFA integration for the off-truck sale (strong efficiency in the sharing of new “prospects”, of the “visits” and of the credit recovery)
  • Costs/consumption prospects for raw materials
  • Total orders per agent and by terminal
  • Management of agents expense refund through a website that communicates with the management database
  • Send invoice file according to different Standards used in the large-scale distribution (Indicod, Filconad, Edifact, etc.)


  • BOM (Bill of Materials) management, percentage recipes
  • Item data sheet (ingredients)
  • Management of working phases and improvement of the production planning
  • Production planning (Make To Stock, Make To Order)
  • Costing
  • Item estimate calculation
  • Production device integration
  • Management of weight variant and double unit of measure
  • Work cycles management per line, per work center or machine
  • Production management per lot
  • MPS, MRP, Scheduler Planning
  • Sales and production processes integration
  • Prediction of requirements and finite capacity planning
  • Monitoring of the product perishability
  • Back flushing (accounting system that applies production costs only in case in which the production completion percentage reaches 100%)
  • Automatic availability analysis and proposal of production orders and suppliers
  • Production proposal according to common elements to more recipes, per mail or alternative line
  • Picking for Production through barcode with analysis per expiration date and lot management
  • Production payments with automatic generation of lot and expiration date
  • Interfacing with scales, labels printer
  • Automatic recognition of working times
  • Multidimensional statistics per direct/indirect production costs


  • Tracking and traceability per lot
  • Food Law CE 178/2002 and environmental security standards conformity
  • Management of security and password within the ERP software
  • Product identity card
  • Barcode with information about lot, item and description in order to discover the origin and recreate the product timeline (management of GS1-128 barcode which characterizes the Food&Beverage sector)
  • EAN 128 barcode management
  • Security and log of the item production line, starting from the raw materials used up to the related market
  • Management of reports about the product labels with the related log

Management Control

  • Reduction of organizational, production and labor costs
  • Costing and inventory
  • Reporting
  • Profit and Revenue analysis
  • “What If” simulations
  • Better information sharing among users by accessing to the contacts databank

Case study