The typical problem of this sector is solved through the availability of a variation item code,
able to define multiple size tags and any multidimensional elements such as colour, fabric, model,
campaign and collection. Fluentis Fashion vertical solution helps companies to seize all opportunities
for change, providing a complete overview of the entire operational chain of the company, characterizing
the individual features for their details in the overall context, without ever losing sight of the main objectives
of business
. Fluentis Fashion becomes the facilitator of a new way of thinking the business with the concept
of an extended company (industry 4.0).

Strong points of the Fashion solution

  • Solution developed with SOA technology in Microsoft environment, natively available on Cloud
  • Deep knowledge of business processes
  • Decades of experience in internal and external organizational dynamics
  • Maintaining the focus on the company business
  • Working methodology for shared objectives and best practice analysis
  • Developments and integrations reported in the standard product

Case study