Il software gestionale compatibile con gli Ordini Digitali NSO

The software
compatible with
Digital Orders

With the management software Fluentis ERP, the management of orders to suppliers through the NSO standard is already possible for all suppliers of the National Health Service.

If you are a supplier of the Healthcare System, you know that in February 2020 goes the obligation to process the supply orders that the companies of the Service National Healthcare will issue towards all the suppliers of services or materials.
With the introduction of this regulation, all suppliers and intermediaries operating with the local health authorities and health structures are obliged to equip themselves with capable tools to generate and receive orders in digital format. The Order Sorting Node (NSO) will act as an intermediary, certifying the quality of the files sent by companies to the National Health System.
Fluentis ERP is the management software that integrates natively and acts as an intermediary between the supplier company and the public company, through the Node Sorting Orders.


What is the OSN (Order Sorting Node)

The Order Sorting node (OSN) represents a digital service, introduced by the MEF (Ministry of Economy and Finance), with the aim of creating greater transparency and visibility in the context of supplies that public companies belonging to the National Health Service will be forced to implement from February 2020.

This digital service is implemented using a European standard UBI PEPPOL (Pan European Public Procurement On Line). This is a communication in XML format of some Business documents: specifically, the legislation refers to the documents relating to the management of supply orders.

The procedure provides for the support of three types of transmissions:

• The simple order
In this scenario, the customer forwards the document to the supplier who receives it and must not give any feedback.

• The complete order
In this scenario, the customer forwards the document to the supplier who receives it and can send any corrections, as well as receive the feedback order from the customer again.

• The pre-agreed order
In this scenario, the supplier forwards the pre-agreed document to the customer who receives it and if he wishes, he can submit his order.

The Fluentis ERP software was created with the Workflows described above already prepared to manage OSN telematic orders

The main advantages that are offered by the Fluentis ERP platform are:

  • Full integration with supply chain procedures
  • Solution natively integrated and not hooked up with external software
  • Integration with the document and with the replacement archiving procedures
  • Easy identification of process documents (orders, receipts, etc.)
  • Operation both on Premises and in Cloud

To allow the routing of an OSN document, you must be an authorized intermediary. Fluentis is present as an intermediary not only of electronic invoices, but also as an authorized subject for the intermediation of OSN supply orders. Therefore, through the Fluentis ERP management software, the company can negotiate documents with the companies of the National Health Service, in full guarantee of support.
The service can also be used before February 1, 2020, both in test and operational mode.



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