Why Choose Fluentis?


The technological suite of Fluentis, thanks to the use of ARM (Application Resource Manager) enables the partner to customize application completely. Indeed it is possible to: expand the Graphic User Interface by editing forms and web pages, to change algorithms of the Business Logic Layer and to expand database structure. All these functions are possible thanks to the use of C# programming language and without having the source code. Through the XAML language (Extensible Application Markup Language) it is possible to determine and edit runtime the composition of each single element of the user interface by adapting to the user requirements. In addition it will be simple to map roles of each user in order to assign authorized operations and to personalize ribbon bar and tile view of Fluentis, by associating to the single user specified menu in the various language.

FPG: Fluentis Project Guideline

The management and the redaction of every project determine its success. FPG is the cornerstone of a project, which can be divided in four steps: Preparation, Execution, Final Configuration and Go-live Step. During the Preparation Step it is possibile to create all the structures necessary in order to start the project. One of the strategic goals is to assign tasks and deliverables to each figure involved in the project. The Execution step is identified in the development and implementation of procedures established and agreed during the Preparation Step. The Final Configuration Step identifies the need to train operators and end users, to install the realized personalizations, to test performances of the project system and to prepare company to face the last Go-Live step. The Go-Live Step represents the moment in which the previous ERP system passes to the new Fluentis system.

Fluentis Academy

Through our portal the user can access quickly, everytime and everywhere to a real Academy, where there are tools and supports necessary to learn, study and get help as regards our applications. The Fluentis academy offers self-study and innovative solutions and it has been created in order to fulfil the real requirements of our international partners. The Academy includes: courses characterized by high quality contents coming from the traditonal classroom courses, dozens of webinars recorded by skilled trainers, workshops based on cloud and video tutorials divided per areas and arguments in order to learn and understand the use of each single area of our applications quickly.


Within this area users will be able to access to a database with solutions regarding the most common problems. They will be able then to ask for advice about problems encountered and trace all the recorded issues. In addition it will be available an online chat in order to solve problems or possibile questions and to give the related explanation. Our support service includes a 24/7 help desk portal through which the user can insert its requests and follow their progress up to the related resolution. It is also available a download area through which take the new releases that, through an update procedure, can be installed automatically.


Fluentis, thanks to a long-lasting expertise with internation companies, has contributed to make its product available to multiethnic staff and above all in compliance with the Countries regulations. Currently dictionaries available are the following: english, French, Spanish, German, Croatian, Serbian, Romanian and Chinese. Through the Fluentis localizations it is possible for our customers to approach the international markets with a logic of reverse innovation. This simplifies the delocalization process, allowing company to use the same solution both in Italy and abroad and to be locally assisted and managed in every phase of the project.


In order to have a wider tax coverage in international markets, Fluentis includes a set of Data Port able to interact with various solutions. The method used for the communication with other products is mainly characterized by the interchange of information in SOAP format, through a Service Oriented architecture. Fluentis is able to support completely the integration with NAV and SAP. All the interchange activities have been realized thanks to the use of SOA technology, by allowing a specific monitoring of transactions through the use of the BIZ-LINK module.


Thanks to experienced collaborators and suppliers, Fluentis is able to offer customers and partners a 360° consulting, to support them in accessing leasing and renting, to inform of tenders and, by giving the documentation needed, Fluentis can also assists for admission to Regional and National funding regarding ERP projects, beyond the usual advice on hardware infrastructure.