Medium-large enterprises

Fluentis is an ERP software designed and developed in order to fulfill the requirements of complex organizations.
Fluentis is Unified ERP and represents the possibility to share information and processes in real time among different
applications by eliminating the integration costs. Mobile, Crm, Visual Tailor, E-Commerce, HR, WMS, Doc, BPM, BI are
only some of the integrated solutions, that enable the medium-large enterprise to achieve a rapid return on investment
and a real benefit in the entire organization. Fluentis ERP is a suite of solutions and modules with high added value
that offers a complete, innovative and high performance platform. At the same time Fluentis controls all the business
processes in a single dashboard, assures the best integration of all features, the quality of processes and their
certification. A “full optional” product able to fulfill all the requirements of a medium-large enterprise.

Case study