IBSA – Institut Biochimique SA

Lugano, Switzerland
Lodi, Italy


IBSA – Institut Biochimique SA

Lugano, Switzerland
Lodi, Italy

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Corporate sector Farmaceutico
Product  Manufacturing and development
of pharmaceuticals
ERP Solution
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ReferentDr. Romano D’Alessandro, CIO

"With Fluentis ERP we were able to give a large company like IBSA the necessary flexibility, thanks to its innovative technologies."

Dr. Romano D’Alessandro, CIO


IBSA is a private pharmaceutical company, founded in Lugano in 1945 by a group of Swiss biologists.
The 1985was a decisive year for the company because it acquired its international recognition.

In the following years, an effective development program made it possible to expand the company assets and create a competitive product portfolio that covers 9 main therapeutic areas and with which IBSA has achieved a leading position in the world market.
IBSA’s products are available in over 80 countries on 5 continents, and the company has 13 branches in Europe, China and the United States. Moreover, the company has a commercial partnership with Laboratoires Genevrier in France and with Altergon, a production company in Italy.

The IBSA Group has a total of 2,000 employees, distributed among the various offices and production sites, and 116 employees who work in its 14 Research and Development laboratories.
Since 1985, 400 million Swiss Francs have been invested in human resources, production capacity and innovation. At the moment the IBSA Group holds 65 exclusive patents, while several others are under development.

IBSA is currently the fourth largest company in the Fertility sector and one of the worlds biggest leaders in the production of hyaluronic acid-based products. From a manufacturing point of view, IBSA produces 14 million ampoules of hormones, 300 million soft capsules per year and 60 million packages of finished products leave its factories every year.

In 2019, about 80% of turnover was generated in Europe (including Switzerland), of which 78% included products of 4 main therapeutic areas: Human Reproduction, Rheumatology, Pain and Inflammation, Dermatology.


In 2005 the company was using an international ERP solution which revealed itself ineffective due to growing needs that emerged from various operational departments.

The goal was to develop an international solution, such as SAP, that would support all companies within the IBSA Group, and that would be more flexible, such as Fluentis, capable of running all business processes and FDA inspectionsthat are of crucial importance to all pharmaceutical companies.

Fluentis has proved to be a reliable platform, able to adapt to the needs ofproduction, distribution and logistics, but also necessary for the exchange of information between the areas of Purchase, Sales and Production Planning.


The Fluentis ERP software manages the areas of Sales,, Purchase,, Logistics, Planning and Production with a multi-company approach both in the Lugano and Lodi production sites.

Fluentis ERP has made it possible to face the growing needs of flexibility and adaptation to specific production processes for the pharmaceutical sector.
Particular attention is given to the data exchange in the logistics area.

With Fluentis WMS, it was possible to manage logistics and control the flow of storage and its movement between different warehouses.

With Bizlink the company had the possibility to deal with the integration processes of external logistics towards the warehouses of pharmaceutical distributors, and with the information regarding incoming procedures of Sales Force Automation applications.


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La possibilità di poter ispezionare tutti i processi intercorsi nella produzione del prodotto è il risultato più importante messo a segno. Aver superato con successo le fasi di ispezione del personale FDA sulla coerenza, correttezza e trasparenza delle attività di gestione del prodotto sono un elemento importante per la sicurezza del prodotto finito sul cliente finale.

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Il controllo dei tempi e costi di produzione legato ai lotti di produzione di ogni singolo articolo è un obiettivo raggiunto pienamente tramite la gestione e l’avanzamento della produzione.

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L’eliminazione della doppia etichettatura tra prodotti conformi e non conformi oppure in quarantena, è stato un obiettivo importante raggiunto a livello di logistica di magazzino e produzione.

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L’azienda ha inoltre conseguito la convalida da parte degli enti “validatori” in conformità ai criteri e protocolli previsti dalle pratiche GMP and FDA grazie alle procedure contemplate dallo standard applicativo Pharma disponibile in Fluentis ERP. Attraverso il sistema Audit Trail nativo è possibile gestire in conformità ai requisiti regolatori, le logiche e i processi di accesso e autorizzativi necessari per la conformità dei protocolli di validazione regolatoria GMP.

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L’integrazione nel sistema produttivo di un modul de management al mentenanțelor programate è stato un elemento di particolare efficienza che ha permesso di far coincidere le esigenze della produzione con quelle dell’ufficio manutenzioni.


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