The ERP solution
for the Foundry

The ERP solution for companies in the foundry sector who want to improve their production processes with an innovative, integrated and complete solution

Fluentis Foundry is the ERP software developed for companies in the Foundry Sector, thanks to a specific know-how deriving from over 20 years of experience. This vertical represents a technologically advanced solution for companies operating in the Foundries sector (die casting, shell casting, with automatic system or manual molding, for cast iron, aluminum, bronze and other alloys castings). Fluentis Foundry is therefore a powerful and innovative customizable system, suitable for the management of the production structure that allows you to improve the Business Processes of the melting industry and to track every single production order through real-time data collection.

  • Technical characteristics of the solution
  • Production program
  • Bar code detection
  • ISO-TS 16949: 2009 certification
  • A-Level MMOG/LE

Don't change your production logics, rely on the right ERP solution

With Barcode detection, the operator can declare all the work phases in a few moments without the possibility of error in entering the data. In each department or area of ​​the company, a workplace is created (PC + Monitor + Barcode Reader) which is used by operators or work teams to declare the start and end of the operations performed. With the relative production monitoring with Barcode, the software therefore allows to trace every single phase of the progress of the order, from the preparation of the merger to the shipment to the customer.

Strengths of the ERP Fluentis software for the Foundry sector:

  • Management of models and equipment
  • Production programmation
  • Management and traceability of production in real time by batch and by serial number
  • Real-time data collection throughout the life cycle of on order
  • Determination of the cost of mergers and orders
  • Complaints and Non Conformities
  • Automatic issue of quality control certificates
  • Business intelligence tools for production and quality control
  • Connection with spectrometers, PLC and piece counter


Fluentis Foundry offers decision support tools for dynamic production planning that allow you to:

  • Program the load of the systems over time, highlighting the bottlenecks
  • Optimize production, trying to meet commercial (delivery, priority) and production needs simultaneously
  • Reduce WIP
  • Reduce the level of raw materials by synchronizing purchases from a realistic production plan
  • Improve the level of punctuality of delivery to customers
  • Make all aspects of production visible

  • With the production monitoring of Fluentis Foundry and the barcode detection it is possible to know in real time the progress of production in the foundry and monitor the performance of the operators at every stage of the order cycle
  • This solution allows to significantly reduce the time spent in the administrative and data-entry processes concerning the progress of the orders

ISO-TS 16949: 2009

Fluentis Foundry helps foundries to achieve ISO-TS 16949: 2009 certification by managing some important processes:

  • Identification and traceability of orders
  • Procurement and supplier management
  • Control of the products supplied
  • Control of the non-compliant product
  • Allow management to constantly monitor performance indices and thus increase the quality of production processes

  • Achievement of the A-LEVL standard for logistics and materials management MMOG (Materials Management Operations Guideline). It is a self-assessment tool used by automotive industry suppliers in estimating skills for material handling and logistics
  • Developed by AIAG, this self-certification has been specifically designed to verify that the supplier develops solid material planning and delivery processes, capable of supporting the business objectives of the clients

Foundry Sector


Foundry Sector


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