The ERP solution
for Electronic
and Electrical

METEL, the standard for the production of electrical equipment

Fluentis ERP has a specific management solution dedicated to the vertical Electronic and Electrical Production market, thanks to the solutions created with the collaboration of the main sector customers. Metel, which stands for Telematic Electrical Equipment, is in fact an EDI standard for the management and document interaction with the aim of offering companies in the sector a standardization of the creation and management procedures for documents related to the order cycle. WEEE, represents the acronym relating to the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment; this functionality is fully integrated and managed in the Fluentis ERP procedures.

  • Orders in METEL standard
  • Metel Price List Management
  • Management of bills and version cycles

The software solution for electronics production companies that aspire to a leadership position through process innovation


Through this procedure it is possible to issue an order to a supplier in accordance with the relevant EDI standard. The order is routed to the appropriate PostOffice capable of dispatching the document to the specified supplier.


Through this procedure it is possible to transmit the updates of the price lists to all its customers in Metel standard format so that they can be easily treated and managed automatically at the sales chain.


Through this procedure it is possible to manage the differentiated recovery of the materials of which the electrical and electronic appliances are composed, such as copper, iron, steel, aluminum, glass, silver, gold, lead and mercury, thus avoiding a waste of resources that can be reused to build new equipment in addition to environmental sustainability.


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