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with E-Invoicing

Electronic invoices and replacement storage?
Easy, let our software do it

The electronic invoicing module complies with the requirements of Legislative Decree n. 127/2015 which provides for the digitalization of all invoices between companies.

You can take advantage of this change as an opportunity for improvement for you and your company and for greater efficiency without affecting daily operations.

What are your real advantages and the tax simplifications provided by the same Legislative Decree?

  • Repay VAT faster without having to wait too long
  • Spesometer no longer mandatory

How do you increase the efficiency of your work, with an innovative and more productive approach for your company?

  • Rapid implementation without incurring excessive costs and long implementation times
  • Guarantee and security of your data
  • Module that can be integrated with Fluentis solutions and/or other applications used in the company
  • Complete management of the invoicing cycle
  • Creation and sending invoice in xml format
  • Digital signature
  • Intermediation with the data exchange system
  • Digital storage

How do you increase efficiency with Fluentis Electronic Invoicing module?

  • A single fee allows you to achieve high reliability and complete security management
  • You don't have to buy new hardware
  • No external IT services are required


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