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Fluentis ERP:
cloud solutions
for small and medium
sized enterprises

Fluentis ERP:
cloud solutions
for small and medium
sized enterprises

Benefits of a Cloud ERP

An ERP in Cloud comes with 3 great advantages:

  • Reduced costs (hardware and software cost savings)
  • Mobility (access your data anytime, anywhere)
  • Security (your data is protected with high security systems)


Let’s take a detailed look at what these benefits mean for your business:

cloud erp risparmi

Save time and costs

Opting for a Cloud ERP solution means no license costs, no installation, no investment in hardware. The Cloud allows considerable economic savings in terms of purchase and management costs. Compared to On-Premises solutions, which require significant initial investments in sufficiently performing machines, qualified assistance and technicians, with Fluentis Cloud ERP maintenance and resolution of technical problems are at our care.

cloud erp mobilità

Access anytime, anywhere

With a Cloud ERP you can control, monitor and work on your management data from anywhere and at any time because processes are not anymore relegated to a company computer, but it moves with you. An Internet connection is all you need to work. With a Cloud solution you can give profiled access to the system to your customers or suppliers in complete safety.

cloud erp sicurezza

Data always protected

Contrary to what some people think, data security on the cloud is higher than data stored locally on enterprise servers. We use a multi-layered security system for the infrastructures that host our clients’ data, which protects their integrity. Furthermore, a backup copy of the data is made every day as an additional measure of protection against data deletion or loss.

What you can do with Fluentis Cloud ERP

cloud erp contabilità


The management of accounting obligations and the control of administrative flows are managed in Fluentis Cloud ERP by the Finance module, which is stratified into General, Analytical and Industrial Accounting. Particularly important is the multi-company and the multi-divisional management that will allow you to manage in a single database all the companies of the group, also with Intercompany logics.

The area is complete with VAT declarations, Intent declarations, Plafond management, Intrastat management connected to the Customs site, Batch Management where also Automatic Solicits are included and the Assets module with automatic calculation of depreciation. The Administration area is connected with automatisms to all the other areas in order to automatically produce the accounting records.

cloud erp tesoreria


The Treasury area of ​​Fluentis Cloud ERP allows the complete management of both real and theoretical financial flows, automatically generating the company’s Cash Flow.

The area is complete with the Effects Portfolio and Supplier Payment connected to Home Banking, Automatic Solicits, Unresolved Management and Customer Credit Management even in multi-company environments, creating a Group credit line. There is also a Current Accounts module for the reconciliation the financial cycle with the accounting part.

cloud erp controllo gestione


The Controlling area of ​​Fluentis Cloud ERP makes it possible to monitor the compliance of business choices within the achievement of predefined objectives. For this purpose, it is necessary to structure the cost center plan, able to highlight the costs by intended use, and a profit center plan to agglomerate several revenue entities that represent various Analysis Axes.

In the Controlling area, it is possible to automatically manage the creation of the period balance sheets which will then be reclassified with various models of analysis adaptable to the specific need and comparable with previous closings or forecast budgets.

cloud erp crm


Fluentis CRM allows you to communicate and manage all your business opportunities with both potential and existential customers in a simple and intuitive way.

The area is complete with the offers management with the possibility to follow the progress up to the conversion to order. There is also a module of Visit Report in order to have always under control the activities of your agents. You can also keep informed your potential customers or acquired customers of commercial opportunities through the Newsletter form.

Active cycle

Complete management of the active cycle flow starting from the Offers, in various versions, which can be automatically converted into Customer Orders. The orders will be processed by documents such as Picking List, transport documents (DDT) or accompanying invoices.

The Sales area is composed of the following modules: Sales Orders, Offers, Orders, Sales Lists and Promotional Campaigns, Packing List and Invoicing, including Electronic Invoicing connected to the SDI. The area is also complete with management of agents and their assignment to customers, allowing through various methods of calculation the payment of commissions.

Passive cycle

Integrated management of suppliers and supply optimization.

The area allows to issue in automatic or manual way a purchase request, that through an authorization cycle is transformed into a supplier order. This order will then be processed by a goods receipt which, thanks to the automatic loading in the warehouse, can produce the Receipt of delivery, pending the relative invoice. Invoices, automatically received in electronic format by the SDI, will be controlled and accounted for in general, analytical and industrial accounting.

cloud erp logistica

Logistics and shipping

The Logistics area of Fluentis Cloud ERP is characterized by the management of Multi Warehouses, physical and virtual, a complete mapping of locations, the management of Picking and Loading Units (UDC). The management of the articles can take place in Lots or Serial Numbers ensuring a complete traceability of the use of raw materials in the finished product processing cycle.

The Logistics module is connected to the Shipping area where all the considerations on the best fulfillment of sales orders will be carried out and the information of the products to be shipped will be issued from which the transport documents will be automatically generated. The native connection with the WMS allows the automated management through the use of PDAs with a wireless operation connected in real time to Fluentis ERP.


The Production management is identified in the organization of the various levels of a complete MES environment: MPS planning, finite and infinite capacity scheduler, Job/Project scheduler, MRP-I and MRP-II and CRP production capacity management.

The area has the objective of developing the planning of purchases, internal production and Subcontracting with a complete management of subcontractors. During the production are constantly controlled the production progresses and the management of reports, detecting production quantities and times through dashboards, bar code readers or directly from the machines in an Industry 4.0 perspective, allowing to analyze in real time delays and deviations. The production is constantly monitored with a complete management of costings per item, in order to synchronize the inflow of materials and to avoid material waste.

cloud erp gestione progetti

Project management

The Projects area of Fluentis Cloud ERP allows you to register all internal and external projects and define the resources allocated by planning their activities.

The area is complete with the management of interventions, internal or external with the related requests, the acquisition of professional services and the materials used by the work teams. It is also possible to build a schedule of interventions to allocate the activities to be performed in the agenda of each technician.

Document management and processes with Workflow

The DMS of Fluentis Cloud ERP will allow you to digitize all your documents, to find and consult them very easily directly from the forms of the ERP. The documents can then be automatically managed both in print and in visualization throughout the entire process, both internally, e.g. in production, and externally, e.g. by agents or contractors.

With Fluentis Worflows you can finally digitize your processes and guide your employees through the entire process by automatically informing them of events and requesting tasks from them. The Worflow engine also extends to an authorization area where authorizations can be requested automatically in order to move a process forward.

Electronic Invoicing and Substitute Archiving

In order to handle the issue of Electronic Invoicing, Fluentis Cloud ERP has certified itself as an intermediary to the SDI and natively supports both the active and passive cycle. Through a WorkFlow, the customer can automatically issue his active invoices in electronic format and easily check their status from the Fluentis forms, without the need for additional applications. In fact, all SDI notifications are automatically integrated for this purpose.

For passive invoicing, the customer can receive all passive invoices via the Fluentis Business Hub and will be able to place them in the Fluentis Administration area. Fluentis also has a native integration with a restorer that automatically allows the management of Electronic Storage according to the law.

Statistics and Business Analytics

It has never been easier to create and consult business statistics. Fluentis Business Analytics allows you to quickly and easily create your own company statistics and keep them automatically update over time. Fluentis Business Analytics also includes a Dashboard module that provides dynamic and contextual directional dashboards for greater detail and better reading of statistics in various functional areas.

Through an easy and intuitive tool, the company will be able to easily configure and implement Business Analytics and Dashboards to autonomously achieve its statistical objectives.

Cloud ERP: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why choose a Cloud Management Software?
    To save on purchase and management costs: the costs that the company would have to incur in hardware and software to implement an equivalent system can be reduced with a management software in the Cloud.
    For greater data security: although this is the main cause of the reticence that companies have towards the Cloud, paradoxically it is instead one of its strengths. The security of data on the Cloud is generally higher than that of data stored locally on corporate servers: web farms are much more vigilant and reliable in monitoring this aspect, data is copied simultaneously on multiple hard disks, each server is equipped with continuity groups and automatic backup systems.

    To access data anytime and anywhere: with a Cloud management software it is possible to control, monitor and work on management data from anywhere and at any time. The management of processes is no longer relegated to a company computer, but moves with you.


  • Traditional On Premises solutions: what does Fluentis offer?
    If you prefer to rely on an On premises solution installed on your company servers rather than in the Cloud, Fluentis offers a range of possibilities for every type of business. Contact us for more information at or call our toll-free number 800.300.307.


  • What does the Fluentis Cloud usage fee include?
    The Fluentis Cloud usage fee includes: the use of the management software with the activated functions, daily, weekly and monthly data backup, software updates, the use of the Fluentis Cloud Farm in high availability mode (high reliability), company profiling with logo and general settings, assistance and support through the Chat integrated in the application.


  • What does Fluentis Cloud have over other cloud-based management software?
    The Fluentis Cloud management software is entirely developed with a Service Oriented technology and it can be used through an App that will allow you to manage a user interface rich in content, simple and intuitive, as well as configurable to the user’s needs, without the necessity of customizations, to achieve an exciting User Experience. The product has been entirely developed by Fluentis using the latest Microsoft technologies in a natively Cloud application. Some management software use graphic converters to transform the interface of the classic management software into a web interface, with relative loss of speed and not taking full advantage of all the potential that technology can offer today.


  • How do I understand how to use the App after downloading it?
    After configuring the desired Cloud product through our Configurator and after filling the form with your company data, you will receive an email containing the link to download the installation kit and the relative access credentials. In the same email you will find links to video tutorials useful for learning how to take the first steps within Fluentis Cloud. In addition, we invite you to use the integrated Chat in the application to receive technical support from our Customer Service.


  • What kind of ADSL connection is needed to use Fluentis Cloud?
    You just need an ADSL connection with a download bandwidth of at least 4 Mbit/s and an upload bandwidth of at least 1Mbit/s. These are the minimum requirements, although the recommended requirements are 10 Mbit/s download. Obviously the higher the speed of connection, the better the quality of the service.


  • Is it possible to request a copy of the database?
    Sure, whenever the customer requests it, he can receive a copy of the database up to the previous 30 days. Upon request it is possible to provide a copy of the database prior to 30 days. It is also possible to activate, for a fee, the backup on an FTP space provided by the customer.


  • What are the service activation times?
    Immediately after submitting the request, you will receive an email with the link to download the installation kit and the login credentials. You can start using the application instantly.


  • What happens to my data if I cancel the service?
    At the end of the 30-days trial, unless otherwise requested, and in case of cancellation of the service, data will be deleted from our servers.


  • What happens if I decide to move my data to a proprietary service?
    All the data will be maintained. The customer will have to purchase the Fluentis licenses and set up a suitable environment for its installation. Services will then be required to install Fluentis and move the database to the Cloud in the On Premises version.


  • Can I customize or add features to Fluentis Cloud?
    Yes, new modules or features can be added. In addition, in the Isolated Cloud and Private Cloud versions it is possible to make procedure-specific customizations.


One of our consultants will reply as soon as possible